Free-Flow Mind-Mapping for macOS and iOS

Big Hairy Goal is a mindmapping, brainstorming and progress tracking tool for creatives and creators. It's build to be simple and effective to use, so you can just let go your flow of inspiration.

BigHairyGoal is the best mindmap software tool for apple MacBook, iMac or iPad.

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Creative Thinking

The term Big Hairy Audacious Goal is often used to refer to a challenging, ambitious objective.

Whether you are a student, a professional, or someone looking to improve your work-life balance, Big Hairy Goal helps you set a clear and ambitious goal and break it down into smaller, more manageable tasks so that you can better focus your energy and efforts to achieve the desired outcome. This leads to increased productivity, motivation, and ultimately, success in achieving the goal.


A real companion in organizing my work

BigHairyGoal helps me gain clarity in many different subjects. I love having an overall view of what needs to be done and what has been done. I can organize urgent and less urgent tasks by ordering the general board as I want. The possibility of linking the maps to emails, the possibility of putting as many comments as necessary + the direct link to the relevant files represents a significant gain in the daily organization of work. I use multiple computers (Mac) and can access my work on each of them!

- Sport Psychologist


Flexible tool for visualizing and elaborating on ideas

BigHairyGoal is my favorite mind mapping software, and is useful for brainstorming, expanding on ideas, linking to notes and organizing thoughts for writing papers, grants and lectures. The network/map structure can be hierarchical or freeform, allowing ideas to expand but also making it easy to restructure as you go along. The formatting options make it easy to refer to in the future. Many keyboard shortcuts allow the ideas to flow without interruptions. The MacOS and iOS versions work well with iCloud integration.

- Clinical Lecturer Hospital & Health Care


The most flexible mind map and ideation software

BigHairyGoal is my go-to tool for everything from general note-taking to breaking down and documenting complex logic or projects. It allows me to quickly capture disorganized and unrelated ideas, features, texts, pictures, inspiration, etc. into a structured concept and organize them well. BHG has so many different ways of usage but it is especially good for creating business ideas.

- Director, Product Management Solar Industries


Great for organizing goals, projects, and tasks

BigHairyGoal is a helpful and powerful program for organizing concert events. I've been using it for a while and it has had a big impact on my work. It's incredibly flexible whether you're outlining an idea, documenting a decisions or tracking project to-dos. I use it as my main dashboard for prioritizing. I can collect all my running thoughts and put them into a big picture in front of me which is very calming and productive. It helps me to look at the project with the logical peace that all will be done if you follow the map.

- Event Manager


Effective tool to organize, elaborate and communicate thoughts

Big Hairy Goal is a powerful and flexible app that helps with thinking, generating ideas, elaborating and expanding them, then helps to take a step back and find connections. I use it for writing academic papers, grant proposals, or exploring new ideas. The interface is simple and intuitive, but with many useful features to organize and connect information during and after the thinking process. If your thoughts are not naturally well-organized and linear, this software can help you in a methodical way to organize, elaborate and communicate your thoughts effectively to others.

- Academic Researcher


Excellent for getting started with thinking

BigHairyGoal has a low barrier to entry. It offers the right balance of structure and freedom. I use it a lot for visual planning of projects, writing, high-level backlogs and project kanban boards. I find myself using it instead of other notebook applications for note-taking, research, mind mapping and creating decision trees. It's a great complement to those for visual planning.

- Agile Coach


Understanding what's going on

I have a dissociative personality structure which makes it quite complicated at times. As part of many years of psychotherapy, I created a map of my psychological inner life to keep track of things and to understand what's going on with me and how to respond. BigHairyGoal combines the benefits of traditional mindmapping tools and free-form brainstorming tools, providing the right balance of structure and organization. I also use it daily for things like: planning meals, making decisions, creating outlines for articles, sorting research links and understanding my feelings about a situation.

- Curious Human Being


Perfect for non-linear thinking

Not every list needs to be in numerical order. BigHairyGoal is great for creating flexible lists that are more dynamic than a mind map. Ideas can be long text or just bolded words. I use it for organizing information when I'm doing a refinance, like contact information and calculations and it's easy to see it all spread out like it would be on a desk. It's easy to create, edit, and delete data fields, making it a great program.

- Real Estate Agent


Great tool for managing work and keeping track of my projects

Big Hairy Goals is a great app that allows for easy brainstorming and organization of thoughts and ideas, even if they are disorganized. During literature research it helps to get an overview of a subject field, connect the dots and simplify information to create a big picture. Every source to read is turned into a card that goes through a Kanban board and then is placed into a theme graph. The app is essential for my business as a keynote speaker but useful for both work and personal projects.

- Keynote Speaker


Perfect for the Artist

This tool is so easy to use and it can do a lot. I don't have to spend time figuring out how it works, but I can focus on my ideas that become visible easily. It is a great tool for clustering which is a method of organizing ideas and thoughts in a slightly chaotic way. This is perfect for a comedian and comedy writer like me. I like how it allows me to be scattered and organized at the same time. This caters to both my creative and analytical sides. It thinks like me ;-) I love the colors and status markings. It makes planning fun for me.

- Artist


Extremely useful and user-friendly, yet also powerful

This app is like a virtual whiteboard, easy to use and a perfect great free-flow tool for organizing ideas, connecting concepts, structuring thoughts and communicating effectively. I use it to organize the initial flow and design. I can export it to PDF to share with clients and use it to fine-tune my ideas. I also use it in group sessions or elaborating on personal thoughts. Additionally, I can start a design on my iMac, continue it on my iPad while away from my office, and then go back to my iMac to work on it with my client. It has all the necessary features and nothing more. It helps to focus on the core process without getting lost in icons or menus. It's a great tool for getting thoughts and processes out of my head and onto the screen.

- Art Director


Visualizing complex processes and understanding interactions within an organization

I use Big Hairy Goal to create and maintain our company's organization chart, collecting, structuring, and visualizing information on a topic, plan actions and strategy and write presentations. It's easy to use, with features for creating process steps, linking them together, adding notes, coloring them for different teams, and assigning status to each step. You can also add URLs or images for clarity and there is no limit on the canvas size. It is also great for presentations as it allows the audience to follow the overall flow and understand where the presentation is at. My clients enjoy the large maps that are created this way and that they can be easily expanded and modified during discussions.

- Business Consultant