How can I export my workarea into external applications?

BigHairyGoal provides the following possibilities to export your workarea or parts of your workarea to external applications:
  • User File > Export as PDF… to export the complete workarea as a PDF file.
  • Select any number of cards and use Edit > Copy to copy the text only contents to your clipboard
  • Select any number of cards, hold down the alt key and use Edit > Copy as Image to copy the current selection as an transparent image to your clipboard.

Difficulties between moving and connection gestures

Moving or connecting cards are two straightforward gestures:

Move: Simple click on a card and immediately start dragging it.
Connect: Simple click on a card and hold until the arrow cursor turns into a open white cursor, then drag away the connection line.

It may be that you need to practice a bit if you find this a bit tricky. The click and hold duration for connecting cards is based on the system setting for the so called "double click" delay, that is the time in finder that recognizes clicking a folder twice top open it. (slow clicking twice on a folder will do nothing, faster clicking will open it)

The "double click" time duration can be set in system preferences: Apple () menu > System Preferences > Universal Access > Mouse & Trackpad > Double Click Speed.
You may increase the time duration until you feel comfortable with it in Big Hairy Goal and Finder double clicking.

OS X El Capitan: Mouse & Trackpad pane of Accessibility preferences

Why are custom styles so limited?

BigHairyGoal has very few customization possibilities. This is fully intentional and subjective to my approach:
The minimalistic design features help you concentrate on the content and relations, not the formatting. Let's be honest, you can spend hours on formatting your content without adding a single new thought and still feel very productive. And I want to prevent this from you :-)

What are the limitations of the trial version

The Big Hairy Goal trial version is fully functional until it expires.
After that period, you will only be able to view your data when you buy the full version from the Mac AppStore.
In order to validate its expiration status, the trial version requires an internet connection.
To protect your privacy, no personal data will be sent to the license-server but an anonymous key identifying your trial version.

Are there any online reviews available?

You may find the following reviews helpful:

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