Table Groups

Table Groups arrange cards in layouts like columns, rows and tables. With Table Groups it's easy to set up Kanban boards, level layer boards and something like contingency or cross tables.

To create a table group organised in columns, double click the work area to create a new card. Then choose Editor > Group > Append Listed Card. You'll notice two cards stacked on each other. That is what is also known as listed cards. Then choose Editor > Insert > Right (or sure, any other direction). You'll notice a group with the dimension of 2x2. Again choose Editor > Insert > Right to reach the dimension of 3x3.

To move cards either use the menu commands or just drag them around.
To insert cards, either append them using menu commands or double click the spot where you want to insert a card. This can also be inbetween two cards.
To move cards between groups, Edit > Cut a card, click onto the location in the other group where you want to insert the card and Edit > Paste.
To change the type of table groups into columns, rows or table, right click on a group to open the context menu. Then choose from Group > Layout any of the types columns, rows, table.

The following shows more visual examples on what you can do with this feature:


Working With Groups Of Cards

Q: how can I group items?
A: to group items, select some and choose editor > group. Note that each item can only be in one group at a time.

Q: Can I move a group of items?
A: Click and hold on the coloured background area of a group. Keep holding clicked until a shadow appears. You now can move the group around.

Q: how can I add an item to an existing group
A: Use Edit > cut to cut out an item at its original location, click into the group and use Edit > paste to paste the item into the previously clicked group.

Q: how can I remove an item from an existing group?
A: select the item and use Editor > Remove from Group or the context menu to ungroup the selected items.