Keyboard Shortcuts

Keyboard ShortcutCommand
↑↓←→select card in direction of arrow
⌘-↑↓←→insert (connected) card in direction of arrow (as applicable)
ctrl-⌘-↑↓←→move card into direction of arrow (if applicable)
Delete selected/hovered over card or delete hovered over connection

Text Editor
Keyboard ShortcutCommand
↩︎enter and exit cards text editor
⌥-↩︎Insert line break within card text editor
⌘-←→Move cursor to start/end of text within text editor
⌥-←→Move cursor after next word in within text editor
escCancel editing text of card
⌘-BMake selected text Bold. Also See menu Editor > Style.

Connecting Cards
Connect two cards with click and hold on a card until the cursor changes. Then drag to another card.
Keyboard ShortcutCommand
escCancel while connecting cards
Make connection with alternate style

Moving Cards
Keyboard ShortcutCommand
escCancel while moving cards

Custom keyboard shortcuts
Note that you can also create custom keyboard shortcuts for any other common action item: Create keyboard shortcuts for apps

Managing Your Workspace

Q: how can I align cards to each other?
A: you can align a selection of items in a horizontal or vertical layout. Choose editor > align horizonally to stack the selected items in a horizontal layout. Moving one of the items within this alignment group will also move the connected items. Note that each item can only be in one aligment group.

Q: can in zoom out of the workspace to get a better overview?
A: use trackpad two finger gesture to zoom in and out of the workspace
double tap on trackpad to inteligently zoom onto the tapped card, double tap again to zoom out
use comand +/- to zoom in and out

Q: Can I navigate with the keyboard, to select items within the workspace?
A: You can navigate with the arrow-keys to the nearest item in the direction of the pressed arrow key. Holding the shift key extends the current selection to that next item.

Q: How can I move the workspace?
A: Use your MacBook trackpad or click and hold in an empty area of the workspace to pan the workspace around.